Utah's PRIDE

Hosted by: Jeff Litster

( Peers Responsible In Drug Education )



The Real Pride (94-96)

Download (~370MB)

The Final Curtain (1986-1996)

Download (~3.85GB)

The VHS tape this was extracted from was REALLY old. There are parts where it seems like the speed is faster than others.

Thanks to Tyler Ford for digitizing this for us!

1991 Dance Videos

Download (~322MB)


  • America's Pride
  • I Count My Blessings
  • Get On Your Feet
  • Hip to be Square
  • I Stand Up
  • Just Say No
  • Lean on Me
  • Only Human (Second Wind)



(Minus Tracks)

These are the songs from the CD Jarin Blackham and I compiled back in August 2001. I apologize for taking so long to get the CD ripped to mp3's and posted on the site. But here they are. I put a full zip file of the whole CD for those of you with broadband that want to get the whole thing at once, as well as breaking them out into individual songs. Enjoy!

If you don't see a PRIDE song here, it is because the tapes were missing from the collection when we borrowed them from Donna Newbold to record onto my computer to create the CD.